Review: The Greeench – Lush

I’m a sweaty person. That may not be what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth!

Let’s just say that I used to wash myself a few times a day to keep the people around me from fainting when I walked by. Thankfully, my armpits calmed down a bit as I got older, but I won’t deny that I can still smell pretty bad after a long day. Special antiperspirants don’t seem to help me at all. I mean, they take away the sweaty smell but replace it with some other hospital-y smell.

However, I think I’ve finally found the solution to all of my problems: Lush’s The Greeench powder deodorant. It saved my life (in the way a deodorant can)! I only have to apply this powder once a day in order to keep my pits dry and smelling fresh for the whole day!

The Greeench is a powder deodorant, which means no more toxic spray bottles! It comes in a little bottle which I absolutely love and is made from 100% recycled plastic (Yes, Lush, YES!!). It’s super easy to take with you since it’s so small, and although the cap may not seem that sturdy, I’ve never had it come open in my bag!


But how do you use it, you ask? It’s super simple. You just squirt some of the powder on your hands, rub it into your armpits and voila! It might seem a bit unsanitary to use your hands, but they’re just armpits, guys!

It’s not just for your armpits, though! You can use it basically anywhere on your body. I’ve used it for smelly feet, when my thighs get sweaty and rub together, etc.

TIP: Lush does this thing where you can bring in your empty containers and then they re-use them. If you bring 5 containers in, you get a free face mask! I’m not sure if this applies to these little bottles as well, though. It might just be the black pots, but it’s great nonetheless!

One bottle costs around €12 if I’m not mistaken. I forgot to keep my receipt, oops! Obviously, that’s quite a bit more expensive than spray deodorant, which is about €2-3 a bottle, BUT one bottle lasts me about 2 months if not more! If you take into account that this Lush product is completely vegan, not tested on animals, smells absolutely amazing (I’ve had quite a few people ask me what perfume I was wearing because I smelled so nice), is eco-friendly, has no toxic ingredients,… then I think we can conclude that it’s absolutely worth every penny.

I will never use ‘normal’ deodorant again! NEVER.


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