Thailand day 6: Udon Thani and lots of water

September 7, 2016

On this day, we flew from Bangkok to Udon Thani really early in the morning. Suphi’s godfather (J) lives in Udon Thani, so when he heard we were coming to Thailand, he offered to take us under his wings for a few days.

J and his wife, K, came to pick us up from the airport and took us on a surprise trip. After a 3 hour drive on which we nearly got stuck in the mud about 30 times, we arrived at the surprise. Well, almost. We had to take a little boat out to one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been: the Tham Phra Waterfall.

According to J and K, this waterfall was a kind of secret place not a lot of people knew about and the locals were kind of surprised to see tourists at their favourite spot. It was absolutely gorgeous! The cold water was a well needed refreshment on this hot, hot day. We explored the waterfall for a few hours and I made friends with the dogs that lived there. We would have stayed there all day if we could, but all of the sudden it started to pour. Because so much rain came down, it wasn’t safe for us to stay there any longer so we took the last boat back to the car.

We then made our way a little house next to the Mekong River where we spent the night. It was pretty amazing since the Mekong River is obviously stunning, but also because we could practically jump to Laos at the other side of the river.


We ended the night in a little restaurant. It was awesome!

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