Thailand day 7: an abundance of stairs

September 8, 2016

This was probably one of my favourite days in Thailand. After waking up next to the amazing Mekong River, we decided to make our way back to Udon Thani since we had a plane to catch in the evening.

On our way back, we made 2 pitstops. First, we stopped at the beautiful Phu Tok. Phu Tok means “lonely mountain” which is very suiting since there are no other mountains even remotely close to it. You can climb all the way to the top using the gorgeous wooden walkways that seem to wrap around the mountain perfectly. To be fair, the stairs and walkways didn’t always seem very sturdy (or at least not as sturdy as you’d want them to be when you’re hundreds of meters in the air) but that shouldn’t stop you from going! Be sure to look around while climbing this stunning mountain because you might pass some hidden statues without even realising it!

Down at the bottom of the hill, we encountered some street dogs and one of them even became our personal tour guide. He guided us through the maze of stairs and walkways and even followed me back down when my stomach made clear it didn’t really feel like continuing the gorgeous climb. We named the little doggy “Skip” and obviously thanked him with food before we left.


After changing out of our sweaty clothes, we made our way to Sala Kaew Ku, a very strange but also very mesmerising place. Sala Kaew Ku is a park in the Nong Khai district with hundreds of sculptures made out of concrete. Some of them are very small and some of them are about 25m high. The statues are all inspired by Buddhism and walking in between them is really spectacular.


Then it was time for me to scratch something off my bucket list: M and I got to sit in the back of J’s pick-up truck. The ride was very bumpy and windy but so so so so so awesome. Granted, I looked like a lobster afterwards but it was totally worth it!

We stopped by J and K’s house to go cuddle with some newborn puppies and then ate fish and somtam at a local restaurant. It was delicious!

And off to Chiang Mai we went!

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