Thailand day 10: reunited and it feels so good

September 11, 2016

Today was a big day for S., the day when she got to see her father and family again. We took the bus to Lampang where S’s father came to pick us up to drive to the small town of Thoen. Seeing S reunite with her family she hadn’t seen in quite some time was really sweet. You could see that they really missed each other. S’s grandmother was kind enough to let us sleep over at her (giant) house and she seemed to find my white (like, really white) burnt skin very amusing.

We went around the whole town (who all seemed to be related in some way?) so that S. could visit her old friends. They all called her Toon (short for Cartoon) because apparently she looked like a Thai cartoon character when she was little. Watching S. interact with her old friends/family was really entertaining and it was super fascinating to hear them talking in a language that I knew nothing about. We quickly found out “farang”, a word that seemed to come up in every other sentence, meant “white person” so M. and I knew they were talking about us 70% of the time. What exactly they said, we have no clue. One thing the old Thai people just couldn’t understand is how I was so “big” (aka chubby) in spite of not eating meat.

After spending a few hours in several Thai homes, we walked over to S.’s aunt’s rice field where we explored for a bit. It was really cool to see how exactly rice is grown, because I had no clue before. Her aunt had a little hut with a hammock where we sat for a bit. When we rolled up the blanket, we noticed that I had killed a scorpion that had crawled under the blanket while we were laying it down. I don’t know a lot about scorpions, but I do know that getting stung by one probably isn’t fun! Sorry little scorpion, I really didn’t mean to crush you with my big farang body.


S. in her aunt’s rice field

Somehow, we ended up at a table with some random men S. didn’t even know. Most of them didn’t speak English but we spent about an hour with them nonetheless. They gave us peanuts and I’ve honestly been eating peanuts non-stop ever since.

At night, S.’s family took us to their favourite restaurant where we had a delicious meal and then we tucked ourselves in all crammed together on a 2 person mattress. I slept great!

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