Thailand day 11: in the air again

September 12th 2016

Time for S. to say goodbye to her family again. But no worries, in a few days she’ll reunite with them again! When M. and I go home, S. will stay with her family for a week longer.

We flew to Krabi, where we would spend the last few days of our crazy crazy trip. Everything leading up to the flight was pretty uneventful, but on the flight itself, M. was sat next to an Isreali director. S. and I had seats in a different row, so we only found out about the director after we’d already gotten off the plane. We were intrigued, though, so S. and M. made me go up to him to ask him more about his job. I had to go because S. and M. were too shy to talk to him and, well, I don’t really care what people think of me so I tend to just go up to people when someone needs me to. While we were waiting for our luggage, I went up to the man and asked him about his Isreali series. Turned out it was all in Hebrew so we wouldn’t understand, but I still wrote it down anyway. The series he directed was called פולמון (‘Full Moon’ in English). Pretty cool!

After waiting for our bags for quite some time (the director’s bags got lost and mine was the last one to roll on the conveyor belt thing), we made our way to the taxis to get to our little resort. We got into a little bus and drove for about half an hour.

The little ‘street’ leading up to the resort was pitch black and the resort itself also looked pretty abandoned. Since it was so dark, it all seemed really creepy. After all, we were three 20 year old girls in a foreign country in a little van somewhere in the middle of nowhere. The taxidriver was really sweet, though! He helped us contact the owner of the resort and refused to leave us behind there. Turned out the owner had forgotten we were checking in that night, but luckily he didn’t live that far away so he met up with us after about 30 minutes. In that time I had found a little fluffy kitty and we (obviously) became instant friends.

After checking in, the owner turned on all the lights on site and we quickly realised we were in paradise. We were the only guests so we had everything to ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, all of Thailand is basically paradise, but by day 11 we were pretty exhausted. Plus, we’d never had a pool before, so we were looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for a while.

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