Thailand day 13: (baby) monkeys

September 14, 2016

Our last full day in Thailand. We had booked a tour the day before that would take us around the beautiful Krabi.

After waking up way too early (what’s new) and petting the little kitty for a while, a little bus came to pick us up at the resort. We went hotel to hotel to pick up the other tourists and then set off to our first destination: a hot spring. I wasn’t feeling too good, so S. and M. went in without me. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery from outside the spring.


We then made our way to Sa Morakot (the Emerald Pool). It was absolutely stunning. To reach the pool, we actually had to walk through a beautiful forest for about 10-15 minutes. We were lucky enough that the pool wasn’t super crowded, since the tour guide told us that on busy days, you can’t even get in it. Again, I only put my feet in while S. and M. had the time of their lives swimming in the gorgeous clear blue water. The pool was filled with small fish who were obviously used to humans playing around in their territory, because they swam in between my toes like it was no big deal. To get out of the pool, you had to use a rope to pull yourself up. The slippery pool floor caused some pretty funny falls, but don’t worry, everyone made it out alive!

Lunch was served! Our tour included a (delicious) lunch at the little restaurant by the emerald pool. I was starving after doing absolutely nothing, and powered up with some rice and vegetables. Mmmm!

Off to Wat Tham Suea (the Tiger Cave Temple). This temple had been on S.’s bucket list for quite some time, so she was stoked to get to go there. She knew there was a ginormous stairwell somewhere by the temple, but at first we couldn’t seem to find it. We went inside the temple at the foot of the mountain and a monk gave us a bracelet for good fortune. We then walked around the property for some time and finally found the stairs. Again, I wasn’t feeling too good so S. and M. went up while I stayed down there.

While they were up there, I found a sleeping kitty who I immediately befriended (really, there are A LOT of cats in Thailand. It’s awesome!). I had also heard some other animals around me, but I couldn’t really point out what or where they were. I sat down at a random little table under some trees and then I saw them. Monkeys. Lots of monkeys. Like actually, hundreds of monkeys. Older ones and little babies, they were beautiful. I’d never seen monkeys so close. Well, not in captivity I mean. They were so fascinating, I think I sat there for more than an hour just looking at them. At one point there was a monkey up in the tree above me who didn’t seem to like me that much. He had tried to poop on me about 3 times but missed every time. Phew. Maybe he was just teasing me, you know, monkeying around. Then one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me, happened. A mother monkey was holding her tiny baby and was just walking around. I guess she saw me sitting there for so long and decided I wasn’t a threat, so she came to show me her baby. SHE CAME TO ME. TO SHOW ME HER BABY. A MOTHER MONKEY AND HER BABY WERE MAYBE 30CM AWAY FROM ME. SHE ACTUALLY LOOKED AT ME AND WAS LIKE YO LOOK AT MY BABY!!! I can’t explain how cool that was. The moment didn’t last long and the mother left just as fast as she had come, but man, that was amazing. Coolest thing e v e r!

S. and M. had to hurry down in order to catch the bus back to the resort. They didn’t make it in time. Granted, there were a LOT of stairs to conquer. About 30 minutes late, they made it to the bus where the tour guide and driver had waited for them (which was very nice of them. Thank you, kind sirs.). Some of the other passengers weren’t too happy with S. and M. then but we still made it ‘home’ at a decent time.

We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out in the pool and in our little cabin. Tomorrow we’re going home.

Thailand day 12: Phi Phi magic


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